Pedological study & mapping

Soil fertility


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Beyond analytical services, we interpret your testing results and we offer personalized advice to support you to choose the fertilization program that would be better to optimize your results.


  • bureau veritas Advice in land development & investment

    Advice in land development & investment

  • bureau veritas land fertility mapping

    land fertility mapping

  • bureau veritas mapping of soil occupancy

    mapping of soil occupancy

  • bureau veritas pedological study & mapping

    pedological study & mapping

Discover : Field trial monitoring by Scanner

  • Soil Electro Conductivity

    Measures soil texture variability deep into the profile.

  • Soil OM

    Measures soil organic matter using optical sensors.

  • PH

    pH measurement at 5 or 7 cm in the ground 1 measurement / acre

  • Topography

    Based on GPS, scanners register topography, tanking into consideration altitudes, slopes and curves.

From measure to soil map

  1. The scanner is tracted and collects data.
  2. We have -at this stage- gradientmaps.
  3. With soil analyses, Sensor data is calibrated and smoothed. We can calibrate our different maps (CEC, OM, P&K….)


« Water Management » maps:

  • Precision irrigation tools.
  • Optimization of probes positioning

Plant protection products variable rates

  • Herbicides related to OM
  • CEPP action (French registration)

Pest risk maps:

  • Any pest related to soil criterias (texture, OM, Topography)
  • Ex: rhizoctonia on Sugarbeet

Nitrogen variable rate based on an algo which fuses OM, CEC and topography map

BUREAUVERITAS Field trial monitoring by Scanner

Field trial monitoring by Scanner

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